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Wanneese Brown

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Being a mother is the best gift and greatest responsibility I’ve ever been given in life. I love my family! Growing up, I experienced what would be considered “hard times” and I knew that I wanted to create a different lifestyle for my kids and real estate allows me to do that. I’m able to attend field trips, enjoy family nights and vacations and be present in their lives. One of the many reasons I love my job is that it offers flexibility. I’m able to have a life outside of work.

I put my heart into serving my clients. There is great joy in helping people buy or sell a home. Most people believe that you find a home, go into contract, and then close! Well, it’s a whole process between going into contract and actually closing. It’s my job to manage the potential stress of the process and make sure it’s as smooth as possible to reach my client’s overall goal.

Oftentimes, my clients become my friends. Real Estate is so much more than buying or selling a home. It’s about relationships!! I’ve sat down with clients and spoke with them about matters of the heart, offered hugs & prayers, laughed, cried, attended loved ones funerals, kid’s birthday parties, cookouts and of course house warmings!  Our business has become very electronic, so I strive to maintain as much personal contact as possible. Through building relationships, my clients often honor me by referring their family and friends; the absolute best compliment!

It’s really important to me that my clients feel special. I make a point to be available for questions, phone calls, and I’m responsive to texts and emails. Every client has an individual need & I want them to always feel that need is being met rather buying or selling a $50K home or $500K home. Every client is as equally as important to me.

I’ve had unique situations where I’ve worked with clients who were relocating and had to fully trust me in helping them find a home. Communication was huge! We did tons of video calls and stayed in constant contact. I’ve also had  situations where clients were divorcing, downsizing, upsizing, purchasing their first home and the list goes on…So I would say my strengths would be, adaptability, creativity,  communication, asking the right questions,  actively listening and my overall personality! The best encouragement I’ve received in this business came from a family friend, He told me that the God wired me for real estate. And I totally believe that!!!

It feels really good to know that people trust me and have confidence in me as it relates to real estate. It’s all about the people & I want to provide my clients with Exceptional Service from start to finish and somehow help to create a little bit of happiness…as it relates to buying or selling a home.






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